Racing Spirit supplies RGMMC, the leader in promoting karting events

Starting the 2024 season, Racing Spirit supplies its technical apparel to RGMMC Group, a world-leading company in organizing and promoting karting events. Founded in 2004, Switzerland-based RGMMC is responsible for operating some of the most prestigious competitions in the discipline, including the FIA European and World Championships, Champions of the Future Euro Series, and Champions of the Future Academy Program.

With so many events scheduled, the RGMMC staff is on track during over twenty race weekends per year, in various weather conditions. Racing Spirit, a brand of Racing Force Group, provides a range of garments at the top in comfort, performance and aesthetics, such as jackets, fleeces, shirts and pants.

“Understanding the consumers’ needs early is what differentiates the Racing Spirit clothing and not only makes it a practical option, but as a stylish choice”, James Geidel, President of RGMMC Group, said.

Racing Spirit now benefits from an extensive showcase among karting professionals and enthusiasts, thanks advertising in the paddock and trackside, and through the various communication channels of RGMMC-run events, including race live streamings. This supply is part of a broader partnership between RGMMC and Racing Force Group, which also incorporates the company’s other brands.

OMP, in example, is the standard supplier of kart suits for the drivers competing in the three categories of the Champions of the Future Academy Program, a project aimed further encourage the growth of new talent and promotion in new markets, facilitating access to professional motorsport.

“Behind the Racing Spirit technical garments worn by RGMMC personnel there is all the passion and experience acquired by OMP with its leading-edge racewear and kartwear products”, Corrado Audisio, Sales Senior Manager of Racing Force Group, wanted to highlight.

“Racing Force Group represents quality and perfection in manufacturing. This perfection was the key factor which drew us towards OMP racing suits for our drivers in the Champions of the Future Academy Program and Racing Spirit to cloth our 40 plus staff on a weekly basis”, Geidel concluded.

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