The Racing Spirit

Inspired by many of you, we felt the need of a leisure brand that represented our passion for our down time at the track and for our leisure time at home. We wanted a collection that was inspired by racing and by what racing is all about. We wanted to talk racing, but in a settle manner, we wanted a collection that we could wear all the time and, most importantly, that was not clichéd. Our brand name tells a story, it’s all in two unique and distinctive words; it embraces a passion, sells a lifestyle concept and it’s easy to remember. Our icon takes advantage of OMP’s 45 years of history with the best drivers of the modern era, it capitalizes the star power of these athletes by putting them to the forefront. We hope you enjoy it and we hope you too are feeling the Racing Spirit!

Racing Spirit is an OMP Racing project initially developed in 2012 and launched in 2018.