The Racing Spirit

The power of racing inspires us – it’s both the soul of Racing Spirit and the inspiration behind the name.  Racing Spirit is the first premium racing inspired apparel brand engineered by racers for racers and enthusiasts.

OMP Racing, now part of Racing Force Group, established the brand in 2012 as an internal mark, yet with the vision of making auto racing specific clothing that strives to incite those who love the sport with beauty, design, technology and functionality. Racing Spirit combines maximum wearer comfort with top performance by meeting every requirement in terms of both function and style.

There is a vast source of textile technologies and opportunities that no one in our Industry is taking advantage, nobody applied it to auto racing apparel and nobody pulled it together to turn it into collections that reflects how amazing the sport is, and offer it to more people. This is why Racing Spirit was born”.  Gabriele Pedone Co-Founder –

Our brand name tells a story, it’s all in two unique and distinctive words; it embraces a passion, represents a lifestyle concept and it’s easy to remember. Our icon takes pride of OMP’s history and of Bell Racing’s heritage alongside the best drivers of the modern era.

The intersection of casual, leisure and technical gear in an understated style that should not distract from the fact that Racing Spirit’s upcoming Tech Collection will be intensely functional, performing and fashionable.

Craftsmanship, Quality, and attention to detail is setting Racing Spirit apart from all others; it’s made to be beautiful and it’s made to be evocative.

Racing Spirit it’s not just something that feels good, looks good and performs well, it’s a brand experience, a comprehensive collection of garments you can wear everyday that revolves around a lifestyle. What makes Racing Spirit special is our approach, not just a smarter look, but also a reminder of the sophistication and technicality of racing.

Racing Spirit is:

  • Motorsports inspired Cotton and Technical easy-wear collections;
  • A balanced mix between technology and design;
  • Premium materials for an unparalleled quality;
  • Essential, evocative and intensely functional;
  • Simple elegance for both the on and off the track moments.

We hope you enjoy it and we hope you too are feeling the Racing Spirit!