A Brand for those who know

If you are a racer or a race fan you know exactly what we mean…  I used to love a Hard Rock Café ad that stated “You Know Who You Are”, same here… If you’re a racer or if you are a race fan at heart you know who you are and you understand the Racing Spirit.  When we experience new sensations by putting our “six” senses to work we know we’re pedal to the metal; we know we’re looking for that little extra outside our comfort zone.  Adrenaline is our morning coffee, is our freedom, is believing that if you believe you can do it you’ll achieve it… and if we crash we’ll try again; this is how we are.  The great part of what we do is that we’re always having fun, we love to travel, we love our friends, we appreciate the experience and we do it on our terms and leave our fears at home!  Keeping in tune with our believes, we designed a line for you to express who you really are, a reflection of our lifestyle.  Steve Jobs famously said to Apple’s ad agency that he wanted the new Apple logo to be so appealing that the consumer felt the need to lick it J We told our designer that we didn’t care about the graphics, we wanted a brand for those who know and feel not represented by a Polo player… our horses are different and we love when they are 500+… embrace with us the Racing Spirit!

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