Concourse d’elegance

One of our own bought an original 1974 Los Angeles Police Moto Guzzi Eldorado bike to take to the 2017 Boca Raton Concourse d’elegance.  Last year the event was co-hosted by one of the greatest US auto and moto collector: Jay Leno.  If you haven’t seen or heard about his collection, you want to take a tour on his YouTube Channel: The race here was against time as he only had 4 months to get the job done.  First step was to disassemble the bike and see what was restorable and what was needed to purchase new or new old stock.  The bike was is good condition, but far off concourse level, luckily there are many Moto Guzzi aficionados in the U.S., in Italy and around the world making parts available at selected stores.  Once the frame was painted, old parts restored and new parts purchased, the expert hands of Angel began the rebuilt.  Tank went out to California to be painted and pinstriped by Moto Guzzi specialist Mo @cyclegardenmotorcycles, engine was checked, electrics were rebuilt and accessories such as the leather bags custom made.  Bike was comfortably ready a week prior, but testing did not go well; unexpected leaks and malfunctions put our friends back on to work and behind schedule.  With just few hours to spare the bike was driven to the show and following a nerve wrecking scrutiny by the judges it was time for results. For our joy it was selected as the second best among all classes… the Racing Spirit once again succeeded… Congratulations, job well done… embrace with us the Racing Spirit!

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