Jordan Taylor the Story Teller

Hello, my name is Jordan Taylor and I used to drive with my brother Ricky Taylor the #10 Cadillac Konica Minolta – Wayne Taylor (my father) Racing prototype in the WeatherTech Series.  But this is not Jordan writing, it’s someone at Racing Spirit blogging without permission…  I guess we can call it ‘fake blog’, but actually they know their stuff so I’m oaky with it (sort of) J … As I said I’m an IMSA driver, but I also enjoy Instagramming…  I enjoy it a lot I would say… have you seen my account @jordan10taylor? If you did you must know I have a dog, Fonzie who runs his own Instagram account @fonzie10taylor J J J When I don’t drive I spend lots of time on airplanes moving myself from one race track to the other, and in order not to get board I write, lip sing and perform the art of #JTfacial … My inspirations are innocent bystanders who have the bad habit to sleep on airplanes, really? Who does that?  Hahahahahaha J Anyways, back to the stories… they are really interesting and one of a kind, I guess I’m so lucky to run across these truly interesting people!  My other passion is singing and I’m very good at it, sometimes even better than the original… I don’t practice much, it comes natural to me.  Well, my plane is about to land and I got to go racing… we have won the first four races of the season and we need to keep that average… anything less than first it’s no good… Did I tell you I used to have a mullet?  Bye, bye guys and great job writing ‘guy’ at Racing Spirit! … embrace with us the Racing Spirit!

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