Ferrari Hybrid Confirmed With Nearly 1,000 HP

Ferrari’s forthcoming hybrid model will pack 986 horsepower (1,000 CV or 735 kilowatts), according to an invitation to the May 31 unveiling in Maranello, Italy. A user on the Ferrari Chat message board first posted the invite. The Prancing Horse’s execs have been dropping small details about the hybrid model recently. “It will be a top-of-the-line hybrid with supercar performance and a true beauty,” chief executive officer Louis Camilleri said during Ferrari’s Q1 2019 financial earnings call. He also said that the new model would be “above the 812 Superfast.”

The hardcore fans at Ferrari Chat generally agree that the new model uses a V8 for its combustion engine, but there’s lots of speculation about the hybrid setup. Some folks think the vehicle might have three electric motors, while others believe that there might only be one. The three-motor layout would have the advantage of allowing for torque vectoring at the wheels, which might make 986 hp a little more controllable.

Ferrari has done a great job of keeping the model’s design a secret. There have been hybrid powertrain test mules using the 488, but none of those vehicles appeared to be this 986-hp machine. The hybrid model’s base price is allegedly 600,00 euros (USD 675,000 at current exchange rates), according to multiple Ferrari Chat users. One of them even claims this info comes from a dealer in Switzerland.

The hybrid vehicle debuting on May 31 isn’t Ferrari’s only electrified model on the way because a vehicle with a V6 hybrid also debuts later in the year. According to Camilleri, the company has two products to unveil in September and one more to come before the end of the year.

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Source: Ferrari Chat