Passion Runs Deep with the Condor Boys

There is a group of guys, similar to many others, which have a deep passion for cars and racing.  These guys are the Condor boys and they run their passion out of Condor Speed Shop.  During the day the shop is a business, but when the business closes the shop turns into a garage and the boys arrive to work on their cars and prepare for the next race.  They race BMW E30 Spec and they race ChampCar, NASA, WRL, FARA and anything that satisfies their passion. The roots of Team Condor started back in 2007, as a two-man team, who built a fire-spitting, wide-body, turbo-powered 1988 BMW 325is for the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge; simply two guys with a passion for E30’s. After designing a simple solution to delete the power steering on their E30 racecar, they began selling the deletes on the forums. Over time, the proceeds helped fund a trip to the 2011 Ultimate Track Car Challenge at Virginia International Raceway. As the need for more parts grew, Condor Speed Shop continues to satisfy that need with quality parts made right here in the USA. Is this Racing Spirit or what?

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